August 2020

During this challenging time we are watching closely how the Covid-19 Pandemic develops around the world, ensuring the health and wellbeing of our staff and the wider community is our utmost priority.
Our Ecommerce Operations are back open and we’ll be accepting orders on with a daily order limit to ensure our Warehouse Team can work safely to fulfil orders.

What measures have you taken to keep your staff safe?

Due to Covid-19 we’ve made changes to our website and  working environment to ensure we keep our staff safe, this includes:

  • Limiting the amount of orders we take each day to ensure our staff can work safely.

  • Increased signage and floor markings in working and rest areas to remind our staff to keep a safe distance.

  • Introduced restrictions on the number of staff allowed in working zones at one time.

  • Providing PPE to our staff and increased the number of hand sanitizer stations to ensure they feel safe while at work.

  • Each member of staff is given their own work equipment and more access to anti-bacterial spray and wipes.

  • Ensuring work-stations are cleaned regularly and are two metres apart for safe distancing.