Is Clean Beauty Actually a Green Beauty? What's the hype of 'Clean'?

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- by Tuna Z. Yoney, on 2 January, 2021

You might have (or not) heard about 'clean beauty' revolution. When you type #cleanbeauty on instagram, you will see 3.4 Million posts.

That's an incredible number of posts. Your mind might wonder what 'clean' actually means in this context?  

According to our Founder, Tuna Yoney, clean does not have a specific clear meaning here. A few suggested meaning could be all products are vegan? or organic (plant or animal-derived) or no preservatives used ( which is bad, as you will be risking your products to bacteria, yeast or other nasty contamination)

So, what clean actually mean here? unless specifically explained in the context, you are promoting a vague concept that could mean anything clean. You could even advocate your products are clean because you have included bleach in them to make them sterile. It is such a vague concept.

There is an excellent podcast by natural and organic skincare online education provider called 'Formula Botanica'.


According to their CEO Lorraine Dallmeier, clean beauty can be defined in four points: 

1) Bringing together the concepts of beauty and wellbeing

2) Transparency and Ethics

3) Clean for the planet as well as people

4) Clean products should be safe and hygienically made


When defined in this concept, clean beauty can be actually defined as 'green beauty', which makes a lot of sense. Therefore, when you include in your branding message that the products are ethically sourced, eco-friendly, and manufactured by adhering to good manufacturing standards (gmp). Then it makes 100% clear what's your brand message and ethos is.

Obviously, the term is very hyped at the moment. Thanks to the many 'clean beauty' influencers who have carved themselves a niche to promote and made a career for it. 

Simply, this concept is nothing but hyped marketing to attract eco-conscious customers, and it is an effective one. Before you rush into buying every clean beauty product, stop and think.

What is the brand promoting? Are they ethical? what's their sustainability? are they transparent?

They could be advocating themselves 'clean', but maybe using 'dirty' and unethical ingredients that are so not clean. The judgement is on customer education and perception.

4 Common Causes of Dark, Dehydrated, Lips

- by Tuna Z. Yoney, on 29h July, 2020

So many common factors can affect your lips to turn them darker, drier and dehydrated. I call them the big 3D. What are the 4 common causes? Dehydration. Cracked or dry lips are the major sign of dehydration. Drinking too much caffeinated drinks doesn’t help with dehydration , it also can cause your lips to become darker.

Zivér Organiques Dehydrated Lips

ziver organiques
ziver organiques

Using Commercial Products

Most of the commercial products contains parabens and lots of chemicals that are not
suitable with your skin type. Especially using products containing artificial fragrances and
petroleum products. Using organic lip balms containing natural plant oils and vitamins will look after your lips. Since they only contain plant naturals, it will also help naturally moisture them.


Diet plays a crucial role. Consuming healthy raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and vitamin-rich
foods will not only help giving you a perfect skin texture, it will also give your lips and overall body a healthy glow.

Licking or Biting

A bad habit we all have a tendency to do consciously or subconsciously. Especially biting, can cause lips to bleed. Best to apply an organic lip balm to keep your lips moisturized or drink water whenever your lips feel dehydrated. It is very beneficial to take a good care of your lips in order to protect and preventing them from drying and darkening.
ziver organiquesziver organiques

Organic Love To Your Lips

Zivér Organiques

- by Tuna Z. Yoney, on 18th July, 2020

A highly moisturising peppermint lip balm. It keeps skin feeling soft and supple, and protects, repairs and revitalises chapped dry lips.

Make a stand against single-use plastic, by stocking our natural lip balm in a handy sized travel tin. Each wholesale mint lip balm is made by hand in the UK. With an all-vegan recipe, it’s full of great stuff. You won’t find any palm oil in our recipes either. What’s not to love about this cool little fella?

Special Features

  • Scent: refreshing, cooling and clean, over a warm smooth base. 
  • Cocoa Butter & Coconut Oil: for soft, luxurious moisturising
  • Castor Oil: anti-inflammatory, reduces dryness and promotes skin healing
  • Vitamin E: a nourishing, protective & powerful antioxidant which is easily absorbed into the skin.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil: awakening, refreshing and increases focus

 ziver organiques 

Zero plastic minimal packaging

Increasingly eco-conscious customers will love the simple, zero plastic, minimal packaging.This product will arrive with you freshly made and smelling mouthwateringly good.All products have a full Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR).
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